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Sophienstrasse is located in the heart of the Spandauer Vorstadt, bordering the famous Scheunenviertel to its West. Thanks to the large number of architecturally significant historic buildings with well-known landmarks such as the Tacheles, the Neue Synagogue, the Postfuhramt, the Hacke’schen Höfe and Museum Island, and because of its immediate proximity to the city centre, Sophienstrasse boasts a superb historic inner-city location.

The “Mitte” district fuses history with modern trend culture. The Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin TV tower, the street “Unter den Linden”, the Museum Island and the Humboldt University are just a few of the highlights of this collage of the eras. It is the hot spot and the heart of Berlin with all its facets: Top restaurants, fascinating art displays, hip boutiques and a mixture of scene and upper class, definitely one of the districts with its own unique character and the center of Berlin.

View of the St. Hedwig Hospital

In the immediate vicinity on Grosse Hamburger Strasse is the St. Hedwig Hospital, which was built around the same time. This Catholic clinic has been rebuilt, modernized and expanded several times over the 150 years of its existence.

The namesake, St. Hedwig, acted mercifully throughout her life. The house named after her also felt obliged to this Christian virtue and always treated people with different religious backgrounds, in particular Jews threatened by deportation during the war were housed here.

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